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Thank You for visiting our site. We look forward to communicating with you about your upcoming or current Project. With a wealth of knowledge and creativity we can help with all aspects of construction.

Experience and Ingenuity are two of the most important qualities of any construction company. With the ever changing landscape of todays construction requirements, it is essential that customers and clients choose to partner with a company that can lead you in the right direction. Our team of experienced and motivated professionals have faced some very tough challenges and overcome them. Most of our competition has the experience needed to complete projects but still thinks within the box. We pride ourselves on the fact that conventional thinking can sometimes be the most expensive route. 

A few years ago we were bidding on a large job that was located on both sides of a very busy street through the middle of Indio. The challenge was to move more than 100,000 cubic yards of dirt from one side of the street to the other. All companies involved in the bidding process proposed transporting the dirt across the street with either trucking or heavy equipment. The impact that this would have on the busy traffic would be immense. Dateland Construction proposed a very unconventional approach: Tunnel under the street and install a conveyor system! The city of Indio and the Developer jumped at the idea and awarded the contract to Dateland Construction.

That is one of many innovative and unconventional ideas that we bring to the table every time we step on a new job site. From straight forward sites to nearly impossible projects, we have dealt with the full spectrum.