Hopefully the 75 grain and Varget loadings that shot so nicely in my Criterion will offer great performance out of this barrel as well. Ballistic Advantage. Shop our AR Complete Uppers and choose your barrel and additional add-ons only on BalisticAdvantage.com! Head on over to the Ballistic Advantage Website and get 10% Off Your First Purchase – Use Coupon Code: SAVE10NOW. I would have loved to see what you thought long term! This Modern Series 16 Government Barrel is configured with a mid length gas system, and includes a sub MOA accuracy guarantee from BA. The Hanson series barrel is a premium offering from Ballistic Advantage and this model commands a price of $245 online with a low profile gas block included and pinned in place. Follow the BA Hanson here. With Clint’s profile, these sharp shoulders are eliminated, which he claims helps improve barrel harmonics. Eric A. Mayer I then proceeded to shoot various groups at 100 yards, using factory loaded ammunition that we often us on hunts (more on that below). From design to materials, manufacturing and quality control, a Balistic Advantage barrel is made to perform. This Premium Series 16 SPR barrel is configured with a mid length gas system, and includes a sub MOA accuracy guarantee from BA. Barrel nut, gas block, and muzzle device all installed very easily. Here at Ballistic Advantage we produce quality AR barrels that exceed the most enduring demands of our customers. Check out all of their offerings, and to order yours today! If you are not completely satisfied with the form, finish, and fit of any of our barrels, please visit Contact to discuss your concerns. Mounted gun cameras are getting smaller and lighter, but they still…read more →, Change undermines confidence. This Hanson barrel and its Nitrided brother were sent down earlier this year for a photo shoot and here they are now ready for a review. I have found a good deal on a used BA barrel that I think I will get based on this info. I built two MK12's, one with this barrel, and one from the premium line. Socially, the company is a nice place to be; most people get along, there's a lot of camaraderie (depending on what shift you're on; 3rd Shift seems to be the most cohesive), and there's a good support network when it comes to cooperation. The machining of this barrel is excellent, and the bead blasted finish really made for a nice looking stainless steel barrel. It’s real here yo! And, this was all with zero cleaning since install. I've owned 4 barrels from Ballistic Advantage. Enter, Ballistic Advantage Website and get 10% Off Your First Purchase – Use Coupon Code: SAVE10NOW, Franklin Armory BFSIII (aka BFS Gen3) Binary Firing System Trigger Review, Elftmann Tactical AR15 Match Trigger Review, Franklin Armory Announces the Gen 3 Binary Firing System, CMC Triggers 2/2 2-stage AR15 Trigger Review, The 6.5 Grendel AR15 – My Go-To Gun for Hogs and Predators, Review of The Garrow Firearms Development 17HMR AR15, Nikon M-223 1.5-6×24 BDC 600 Rifle Scope Review, Faxon Firearms 18″ GUNNER 5.56 QPQ Barrel Review & Hunt Report, Wyoming Antelope Hunt with the 22 Nosler and 224 Valkyrie Video, Jackrabbit Hunting in California with an AR15, AR15 Hunter Sets the Record Straight with Time Magazine About Hunting with the AR15 Platform. The Hanson series profile is very unique, as it uses a smooth radius whenever there is a change in the barrel’s thickness. I was hoping it would at least hold 2MOA, however it proved to be much more capable than that. I am considering one of these barrels.
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